The technology underlying CIOCC's production

Each new model CIOCC is designed through sophisticated software that allow the "display" of the frame 3D. Once the design phase is complete the project go to the construction of the molds to create customized tubing. All steps are strictly hand made


The current manufacturing process it fully manual and it follows the simple techniques of the past: after being cut and shaped with special tools tubes are prepared and assembled with a template giving birth to the frame.


Once assembled the frame we go to a stage where the craftsmanship gives its added value. We are talking about the “wrapping” of the frame, which allows you to "weld" the tubes and make the frame efficient and safe. The yarn of carbon fiber based on its density, determines stiffness, comfort and strength.


After a careful graphic study the painting requires much more hours compared to a standard process with water decals. The handmade liquid painting, needs the preparation of specific template and cuts in order to create a special and unique design.