How do I prepare my bike for the road?
Frames are delivered ready assembled (with the exception of the handlebar and wheels) with all components. Position the handlebar in the centre of the bar clamp. Then turn the cover bolts of the stem until the handlebar is slightly tight. 2nd and last step, fitting the wheels and closing the quick release.
What sort of warranty and guarantee cover my CIOCC bike?
The bike and its components, apart from wearing parts as, bearings, cables, cable sheaths, chain, sprocket, chainrings, tyres, handlebar taper, are covered by a two-year warranty. In addition we also provide a voluntary guarantee for a total of 5 years on this year's frames and forks.

Our guarantee starts from the date of purchase and is only valid for the initial owner of the bike. Damage to the paintwork is not covered. We reserve the right to repair defective frames or forks or to replace them with an equivalent model. The guarantee only covers the above, other costs such as assembly, transport, etc. are not covered.

Damage caused by incorrect or unintended use, such as negligence, hits, or falls, is not covered by the guarantee.
What does it cost to ship a bike?
Shipping costs within Europe are 35,00 Euro.
In case of damages due to transport or bad handling what I have to do?
It is very difficult the a damage occur during transport, but in case pls contact us without hesitation by mail sending pictures illustrating as better as possible the damage suffered; an our technician will get in contact with you to evaluate the problem and to manage the return and replacement
Can I collect my CIOCC bike in your show room in Italy?
Yes, you can do it. You’ll receive written confirmation after we have received your order and we will inform you immediately as soon as your assembled bike is available for collection.
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