For fans of cycling and road bike, CIOCC is a brand that recalls the beginnings of tradition of the artisan Italian frame

During the 60s Italy is characterized for the birth of several workshops, competing each other to create the best bike. These will then become the brands we all know that would bring the Italian bike to be the most appreciated worldwide. It is in this context of cycling renaissance that appears CIOCC on the initiative of Giovanni Pelizzoli, ex-racer, frame builder and craftsman.

The great production

In 1980 the brand was bought by Luigi Conti, a building contractor from Bergamo with the unbridled passion for cycling.

The current manufacturing process it fully manual and it follows the simple techniques of the past: after being cut and shaped with special tools tubes are prepared and assembled with a template giving birth to the frame.

The forefront

CIOCC was able to adapt his craftsman philosophy to the changes that have affected the world of cycling since the early 90s

Once assembled the frame we go to a stage where the craftsmanship gives its added value. We are talking about the “wrapping” of the frame, which allows you to "weld" the tubes and make the frame efficient and safe. The yarn of carbon fiber based on its density, determines stiffness, comfort and strength.